Contribute with Localization?

We(Mozilla Myanmar Community)are doing localization of Mozilla project to Burmese Localization.

How to Participate?

Mozilla uses Narro as the software translation tool. Narro uses a simple, intuitive interface, and extensive checking to ensure the high quality of translations submitted. Translators can dive immediately into Narro and learn to use it along the way, without the need to read the system documentation. Anonymous submissions are accepted, and are still subject for approval as with all submissions.

Translating process

Just only give your spare time and create user name and passwords at
Then click on “Firefox Aurora” ,then you see two active member translate status! After you translate words by words your status are update at online. When you satisfied your translated words you click “Save”. If not click on “Keep”.

Localization to Tagalog is currently at 87%% on Narro, with 528 untranslated strings .

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