blooming 2013 for Mozilla Myanmar

Good Morning Mozilla Myanmar! I hope you all have great weekend and Happy Monday! After I was left from Myanmar I saw a lot activities at our community Two Barcamps,one meetup and thank for all contribution and being focus on Mozilla Myanmar Community improvement.

First Burmese Browser is Launched

The biggest happiness for this year 2013  is  our first Burmese version Firefox Browser is released !Go through this link and try to test,fill the bug and spread the people. As Mozilla mission, we promote openness, innovation and opportunity on the web. So spread this our first Burmese browser to the local people and listen their feedback and try to promote our web through our language. This process I would like to specially thank to all Arky who helping us for 2 years contribution finalized our Burmese Browser ,L10 member Ko Ngwe Tun, Tin Aung Lin and people who supported.


Frenchies Visit Myanmar

The another news is as you know our Country is open and being focus on the visitor attraction place and lot of IT company, founder are visit around our Country. Among there  Claire who behind the and Vivien from  Mozilla Paris were visit Myanmar and met our Local Contributor and ICT leader both at Yangon and Mandalay. You can see the blog post here.I hope Frenchies would love our country and had pleasure vacation time.

There is another good news to share you all is I have been invited  as speaker from MALAYSIA OPEN SOURCE CONFERENCE . This is first event as Mozilla Myanmar Community member attend as Mozreps and core Mozilla Myanmar Contributor. Stay tuned for the event and look forward our active movement.Even I was far from Myanmar I still contribution Mozilla Myanmar part of thing I can help,I was send blog post for Modern Weekly news journal about Firefox OS and look forward the journal launch out.

If you want to become mozillian let us know! We are warmly welcome to all who love open web.

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