Exciting For Joining Barcamp Pyay

Arrived Pyay around 7pm of 14th June . Found out with host organizers and get to the staying hotel “Lucky Dragon”. And took a good bath and slept well.

Today morning , I arrived the camp site early and found young , active ,helpful organizers/volunteers of Barcamp Pyay . And I sit for a presentation slide for my belonging session which originally assign to Room 7 and shifted to Room 3 to get better facilities like LED Tv .

At the opening board of Barcamp Pyay

At the opening board of Barcamp Pyay

I made a presentation with reveal.js and I followed the information/guides from Mozilla’s Style Guide . I am very happy to be a representative and glad to show the Barcampers about Mozilla and its missions.

Here is the presentation . http://zinm.in/barcamppyay2013/ .

I think I did a good speech focusing on what really Mozilla is . And I gave some trace to the Barcampers about firefoxOS showing the KEON and explaining the new OS. Tomorrow I will go insight with a different way.

Stay tuned . I will upload some photos but unfortunately most of the photos are in my friend’s camera and he is now on the way back to Yangon. So I would probably put photo news right here soon.

Happy And …. Exciting

Tin Aung Linn


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