How to flash your keon into latest image

I just received My keon one day ago and I found there is something that I can go and update my keon build. Cool hum , that is the power of community . So I followed and read through and found some good resources . Let me share in a simple way.

So your keon is a phone which is powered by FirefoxOS. We are going to use adt [ Android Developer Tools] to flash our latest image .

1][ ADT Required

Download ADT here . Unzip your download file . Run the file under sdk/tools/android and you will see SDK manager . Make sure you installed [ Android SDK tools ] & [ Android SDK platform-tools ] .

Install Necessary Tools

2][ Installing ADT tools

After installing those tools go to sdk/platform-tools/ and you will see adb and fastboot . Move them into the root of your ADT bundle that you just unzip somewhere in your computer .

3][ Remote Debugging

Open your Keon settings and go to Device Information > More Information > Developer . Check Remote debugging .

Remote Debugging

4][ adb & fastboot configure

Open your bash profile with “nano ~/.bash_profile” and add this line.

export PATH=$PATH:/Users/yourusername/Desktop/android:

You need to adjust about line integrated with your system and file location . And close your current bash session and restart it. Prompt this to see your device keon is correctly connected.

adb devices

So keon , adb worked !

5][ Download Keon Image

Download the latest keon image provided by Geeksphone . And unzip it .

6][ Now flash it out

With your command prompt , go to your unzip folder. And prompt this command is your are using Linux.


Or you are using Mac ? Try this


For window run by double clicking flash.bat file.

7 ][ Boom you are in !

Flashed Keon

Have fun with your keon phone.




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