Meet With France Community Member Claire and Moz Developer Vivien

Yesterday night me and others local open-source activists like ko ye , ko tho , ko chit , ko ethan , ko naing ye , ma hteik , ma nang , ma yadanar met with Claire who is visiting Myanmar for her vacation.

We talk about things in Myanmar , most are about #opensource #mozilla #ubuntu #ubuntuphone #firefoxos and some Burmese language improvements.

Photo Credit Ko Naing Ye Min

Photo Credit Ko Naing Ye Min

We were sharing each others in cross community . Vivien was so interesting in #ubuntu phone which is demonstrated by #ubuntulocoteammyanmar . And they also interest in what #firefoxos is the best and in what for ubuntu.

Vivien On

Vivien On

It was really a nice evening with such talk. I like Vivien’s shirt which is representing firefox 4.0 release called #firefoxfour . Vivien and Clarie had a great time in Myanmar and comes to meet us in #Yangon before they leave the country .

Thanks to all who sit together with us and I say “Have a safe trip” from here to Vivien and Claire.

Tin Aung Linn


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