Opening the mobile web mozilla and firefox OS at DevCon2012


Hello Mozillian, Thank for visiting our Mozilla Myanmar website. I hope you will know about we attend #DevCon2012 at Friday 14 Spet 2012. Here is short post of our session .

Fortunately we took session at the first day of #DevCon2012 after the opening speech by Our second Minister of Information Technology U Thaung Tin.During his speech he was highlight to “Revolution of Our (Myanmar) ICT environment and Mobile innovation”. Through conversation with him,he also used Firefox. :)

Meantime we also present of “Opening the mobile web mozilla and firefox OS ” so our topic and presentation  is right time,right place to share at Developer Conference.

We also gave sponsor the event and spread the Mozilla swag to the audience. And we also gave sponsor to our core active mozillian to attend #DevCon2012 and sharing experience. Thank to William and Contributor Engagement Team sending us budget and swags in time within they are busy with Mozcamp.

Share my slide “Opening the mobile web Mozilla and Firefox OS “on slideshare … #DevCon2012

Here is my paper “Opening the mobile web mozilla and firefox OS “on DropBox

Here is our Photos

I will post more detail of our session,feedback and link request by audience.

Right now I will go to #DevCon2012. Cheer all


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