Localization Meetup

Meeting note for 10-6-2012
Raining Sunday morning I went to the Iceberry for Mozilla L10n Meet up.When I arrived there I started meet with Wai Phyo Han and later Tin Aung Lin arrived.This is not out first time meeting. We had been met at BarcampYGN 2012. As that time Wai Phyo Han has been as attendees .Now he became part of Localization.

First we been introduce each other even we met through social network. There is lovely things are we being working as same passion with OpenSource Love. Mainly we discuss about our Localization projects.As all you know Firefox Aurora is 93% done and we are continue with acceleration.

During we discuss about Localization , we noticed most of contributor haven’t fill out there name at wiki.


So here is link and please fill up your name at wiki.

Second we discuss about Our community website! Our community website have been online last week but we need more contributor for Mozilla news,post and sharing experience. We been invited all our Community page .Once again we need Our Own logo.As you know Logo is trade mark of our community website.

Here is useful link for https://wiki.mozilla.org/MCS:Licensing_Guidelines designer who interest to drawing logo for Mozilla Myanmar.

After that we talk/share about Mozilla Latest news! Hop topic is Firefox Nighty and Firefox 13 released.One great news is our anther contributor Ye Lwin Aung will write post for Firefox13.Stay tuned for lasted post :)

Then Wai Phyo Han asked us our “experience of Reps “. Here is my answer http://ahkeno.wordpress.com/2011/12/21/part-of-my-life/ hope more post for “experience of Reps ” will come soon!

It been nice meetup and we conclusion will make next meetup not too far !

Stay tuned for great news!

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